The best reviews about any brand or products are those that are written by actual users. The following reviews on bounty hunter metal detectors express different views that users felt when using the products.

Bounty hunter quick draw II

As a first time metal detector you need to be careful about the battery life as the battery life seems to run out easily. It is a great idea to put the battery indicator on in order to monitor the progress of the battery when using. It 8is a friendly unit to start out with despite erratic battery behavior when you are not familiar with it. It is the best metal detector to take out when going to hunt with your friends, as it will not embarrass you.

Radio shack discovery 3300

If you are the hunter that is just starting out and a bit intimidated by many features found in advanced detectors then this is good starting point. It also suits any treasure hunter looking for a mid-point detector that offers normal video information as well as multi-tone audio found in most detectors.

Radio shack has four audio tones that delineate the lower 2 target categories usually lumped together in most bounty hunter models. It has a 3-segment separation in the iron category yielding better separation on gold items and iron targets thus totaling up to an 11 target categories. The VDI is stable, accurate up to the depth that the detector is able to go.

It incorporates automatic ground balancing in an all-metal disc mode, and has a manual ground balance feature that works excellently in mineralized soils when operating in the pinpoint mode. A lightweight machine of lower than 2.5lbs operates at 6.5 kHz. It uses 9V batteries, which are installed when the 8’’ coil is fitted. You can purchase 4’’ and 10’’ auxiliary coils that can be used on the detector and work just as well. The control box and coils calibrated to the machine.

Bounty hunter time ranger

The tie ranger is everything promotion reads say it is. It is light in weight, user friendly and easy to understand. Its LCD read out system with numeric values helps in coin discrimination and is a definite plus when it comes to accuracy. It has a fully programmable touchpad selection that affords users a range of search and discrimination capabilities. Its sniff mode feature is used to detected pre-selected targets in great competition hunts. It will give the user an edge in quick target location.

It has everything in the depth range giving it the ability to get into deeper ranges as other models would. It has three coils that you can employ that is the 8’’, which does most of the detection task, 4’’ that helps in getting around and is excellent for use in edges, rocky areas, foundations and fence lines. The third coil, 10’’ provides the depth you would expect in most high-end metal detector models. The all-metal function helps in pinpointing accurately all target IDs.